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 Tifa another crisis (Advent Children)






 FF7 Tifa Love Love Fighter 2.0 



Tifa was at a party but at one point she gets lost and lose sight of everyone, she want to get back to the party quickly as she does not like to be alone but suddenly a monster appears! Tifa remains calm  as she has confidence she can easily defeat him but then tentacles appeasr and restrain her...




  Suima  睡魔  



The sigh of the town at night. "Everyone is looking at me, everyone desires me... my erect nipples can be seen by everyone, my short skirt reveals my panties....how embarrassing" Tonight a sacrifice will be chosen, the voluptuous body of the woman beautifully attracts desire and the world of darkness starts moving...




  Iroha chirinuru wo  いろは 散りぬるを 





  The Insulting Classroom Takao  




  Break Room  休憩室




 Kanzaki tennyo in   Animation 


神崎 天女 in  Animation アニメーション ~その後の女教師~ 






Denki kamen vs  white girl   電気仮面対ホワイトガール











  VANQUISH  ヴァンキッシュ 







Nukasero Nurse Hitozuma Joshi-kousei 抜かせろ ナース・人妻・女子校生



Pururun Onsen   ぷるるん温泉





 Shimai no Jijou - Futago no Jijou 姉妹の事情 ~ふたごのじじょう~ 














 Haruhi x Nagato  (Haruhi)

  Batsugun Kanojo 











The lord of the land died of an illness, then his wife is chosen to be the successor. Soon into her reign she is told of a demonic text which with the proper ceremony can grant the reader immortality. With this she could bring back her husband. There's just one key element that is missing--the blood of a virgin.


A "Virgin Hunt" is soon instated and the higher-ups begin looking for the best candidates. Who will be sacrificed to the demons? Are they tampering with forces beyond their control?



  Doll: Ouroboros 


The medieval country of Ouroboros is in trouble. An evil earl has been oppressing the population, imposing heavy taxes and establishing an iron rule. This led to tensions with a neighboring country, who thought of a simple solution: send an assassin to the earl and kill him. The assassin they chose is a highly skilled swordsman named Noel. But as Noel arrives at the earl's castle, he realizes killing him won't be a simple matter. He'll need help, and maybe it will come from a certain young lady and from a mechanical maid in the castle.




  Raid 1st chapter  Intruder   RAID -霊奴   ~第一章侵入者~ 








  The Princess has come of Age 



In a far away galaxy, a princess, as soon as she comes of age, has to choose a husband. Five princes coming from near planets have gathered together at the princess's castle, but only he who will be able to satisfy all of her sexual desires will marry her. Five nights of pleasure and lust are awaiting the princess... The challenge begins....



The princess has come of age







   Trash Box 2 




Trash Box 2






   Secret in swimming club 







  Amame Kanzaki vs Erika Kusutou神崎天女VS楠任えりか 壊れていく女  



  Youkoso Caffe Lascivia  


 The Independent Investigator Izumi 独立調査官イズミ 



The half immortal Asamiya Izumi is a 19 year old independent investigator. We follow her investigation into the “chief” of currently existing ghosts and also a person who is suspected of having killed and eaten three high school girls. When a man becomes extremely excited, he seems to mutate into a monster. In order to excite the sadistic man, the masochistic Izumi herself said, “Torture the hell outta me!!”.


The independent investigator Izumi





   Sexaroid Mayumi    性奴人形マユミ 



Kisaragi Mayumi is a 20 year old model and She is also the sex slave of a monster called a mutant. The monster violates her every night, remodels her body and even uses her internal organs as its toys. Even so she loves the mutant, to the point that she intends to attain an immortal body so she won't die even if the monster dissects her.  


Sexaroid Mayumi   RAW



Zetsurin akurobatto oyaji tobimasu


 絶倫アクロバットおやじ 飛びます・いれます・いかせます






  Confession One Summer day after Class 



Confession One Summer day after class






   Glamorous Yua  




Hotaru Hakanaki Hikari    蛍 儚き光


Niku bin hime iramachio  肉便姫イラマチオ


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